+sarcastic motherfucker+

24, southern california, tech nerd, photographer, goofball.

Anonymous asked: You are absolutely stunning and I wish I looked like you and bless you for being such a peach. :)

Oh hush, I’m sure you’re gorgeous and thank you. 😘

vvvpasdesoucis asked: You're so absolutely beyond gorgeous.

Thank you love

avalhmmm asked: hmmm. i followed you because tumblr suggested you. then i saw "SARCASTIC MOTHERFUCKER" and I was like "this chick seems down to earth". so basically, you seem rad and tumblr knows me well.

✌️sarcastic til the day I die. Thanks.

Anonymous asked: I thirst followed you and I'm a straight girl so kudos to you

Fuck yeah. 😘

Anonymous asked: You are my hardcore girl crush. You're fucking gorgeous.

Hardcore blushing. Thanks.

Lookin’ like a hard ass for some reason. 👊 I don’t even know.

Lookin’ like a hard ass for some reason. 👊 I don’t even know.

Anonymous asked: SO I've been following you on social networks for a while now and your life honestly is so interesting to watch play out. I know its VIA internet and all, but the up's and down's and the in-betweens, you keep it real the whole time and never let anything get to your head. You are the least shallow/vain girl (from my perception) i have had the pleasure interacting with. You're stunning and so freaking inspiring. It's so rad to see how happy you are, because you seriously deserve it all.xo

I think I might cry. This was the sweetest thing, thank you so much. I wish you weren’t anon, I want to hug you. 😘😘